Our lumber is cut to order and can be provided in a large variety of sizes, profiles and finishes.

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Cedar lumber is our specialty. We can produce cedar in any size, up to 27′ in length. Large dimension timbers are typically sold green, and thin stock (1″ – 2″ material) is more often kiln dried and planed and may require more lead time. Lead time for large dimension timbers is typically 1 – 2 weeks. Kiln dried stock lead time is 3 – 4 weeks.

This photo shows an example of v-groove paneling for soffits.


Below are rough cut custom size cedar timbers just off the mill.

Vertical grain fir

Our VG fir is typically cut from hand selected second-growth fir. This makes a very stable product with a very clean and traditional look. We can supply trim packages, window and door wrap, flooring and soffits. We can provide thicker stock (8/4) for doors and tables.




We cut and dry our maple to 4/4 x 7″ stock. This allows us to create up to 5-1/2″ wide plank flooring or many other finish and trim products to your specifications. For the DIY folks, the rough stock can be bought at a reduced price for your projects. Larger dimension maple stock can be seen on the furniture lumber page.

The photos below are an example of our mixed grade stock.



The photo below is a 5-1/2″ wide plank maple floor we installed with a simple polyurethane finish. A beautiful and durable floor!



Alder is typically used for trim, paneling, furniture, or cabinets. We have alder available at certain times and process it in a similar manner to maple. Another popular use for alder is for building doors. As logs become available, we will have door stock cut and kiln dried and available for sale.

White pine

The South Kitsap area has an indigenous population of beautiful white pine. This lumber is very nice for interior paneling and other trim and woodworking projects. It is light and stable, very nice to work with and very economical. We typically have white pine in wide widths up to 12″ and long lengths, 16 – 20′, but in limited quantities.


This oak lumber has been sold. It was from a single Garry Oak log. Garry Oak is fairly uncommon, and unique to the west coast.