Our primary mill for making lumber is a Woodmizer fully hydraulic band saw mill with the bed extended to 27′. We can cut logs up to 36″ in diameter on this mill and cut slabs up to 26″ wide. With larger diameter logs, we can split them with a chain saw and our heavy equipment and then make them into boards. We also utilize a Lucas mill dedicated to slabbing logs up to 52″ wide and 6″ thick.

Kiln drying

We have kiln space for up to 6,000 board feet of lumber at one time. Our kilns are dehumidification-type kilns that run at low temperatures producing lumber with very little degrade. We do achieve high temperatures for insect control and setting pitch in soft woods when necessary. Lead time on kiln drying is typically 3-4 weeks, depending on space available.


Most of our planing is done on a 4 head planer which allows us to make a wide variety of sizes and profiles from simple tongue and groove paneling to complex crown mouldings. This same machine gives us the option of planing top and bottom only for flattening rough stock up to 10″. For wider stock, we also have a 20″ single-head surface planer.


A wide belt sander allows us to sand pieces as wide as 24″ and also provide pre-sanded, ready to finish paneling, trim lumber, etc.

Custom home-builder services

This approach can work for a custom builder or an owner-builder when clearing land or with other access to logs. Bring us your logs and we can mill them and sticker and air dry the lumber while you build your home. We will then kiln dry the lumber and produce a high-quality product for finishing your home. The products that work best in this way are typically exterior products such as siding, window wrap, decking, etc. or interior products such as flooring, paneling, mouldings, ceilings, trim and cabinet lumber.

Many times trees that would otherwise go to waste or be hauled off at a cost to you can be made into a beautiful, useful part of your house that can be enjoyed forever.

Log hauling

We provide hauling services for small loads of logs, although in some instances for very large logs. See mill pictures page. We can also refer you to log trucks to haul full loads of logs for a very reasonable price.